About Us

We’re three sisters living our dream of owning a business together. 

Like everybody else during Covid, we baked constantly! Bored with cookies and cakes, we started challenging each other to create elaborate desserts from the respective kitchens of our Long Island homes. A three-foot croquembouche, a towering French dessert of cream puffs glazed with caramelized sugar, was our inspiration to start experimenting with new flavors, and our cream puff bakery was born.

Hella Good Cream Puffs is our whimsical take on a classic French dessert. Our artisanal cream puffs are made with a light choux bun and filled with decadent French pastry cream, creating the perfect balance of texture and taste.

We give 10% of our profits to an Organization of the Month, as we created a business that can sustain our commitment to providing visibility and support to those in need. Hella Good Cream Puffs participated in the 2020 movement #bakersagainstracism and #bakethevote, which were sponsored by Cherry Bombe.

The Cayne Sisters

Amanda Bloom, Head Chef
Stefanie Atiyas, Pastry Chef
Bari Cener, General Manager